Every Apple iPod Commercial Ever -- Ranked

The silhouette version of you will dance for joy.

As innovative as Apple Music is, the service is still very much rooted in the company's consistency. That's been Apple's M.O. for the past 15 years -- figuring out how users want to listen to (and store, and curate and transport) their favorite tunes, then delivering it to them as simply and as consistently as possible.

On Wednesday (July 15), Apple announced a re-launch of its iPod Touch, complete with Apple Music and Beats 1 radio capability, in four different storage types (16, 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes). There's a high-def camera "for even better selfies" and improved graphics processing, too, which sounds cool.

But news of a brand-new iPod -- that last vestige of our collective Millennial musical awakening, since replaced by the omniscient iPhone -- got us thinking about how the right advertising made the iPod such a cultural force in the mid-2000s. Naturally, we rounded up all the TV spots we could find to ask an important question: Which one is the DEFINITIVE iPod commercial?

From U2's iconic "Vertigo" clip to personal fave CSS' "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex," they're all below. And it's up to you to determine the best one. Now get to rankin'.