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Kanye West Has A New Celebrity Defender

A surprising but awesome one.

Kanye West gets a lot of hate.

In recent months alone, there was a petition to get him removed from the bill at Glastonbury, and New York Fashion Week's Fern Mallis said she was "over" him. And there's plenty more where that came from.

To balance the scales, though, now he has a new -- somewhat unlikely -- celebrity defender: Jack Black.

“It feels like everyone is really mean to Kanye West,” the actor and comedian said on "Conan."

The audience laughed, but it sure seemed like Black was serious. He's tired of the Kanye-inspired negativity.

“I’m sick of it," he said. "I’ve had it up to here. And it’s become like the popular thing to pile on Kanye. ‘Oh, everyone can agree, Kanye’s an asshole. Ha ha ha.’ And I don’t agree."


"Well, I do agree that he is an asshole," the 45-year-old continued, before adding a caveat. "But I don’t agree that he’s not talented. 'Cause people put those together. And they are wrong. He actually is really talented. Yeezus is like the best album out there."

"Because he’s a narcissist -- I've thought a lot about this -- it’s the narcissism that kinda ruins the thing for people. They’re like, ‘'Cause he says he’s the best.’ They’re like ‘F you then. If you say you’re the best then I’m gonna hate your art.’"

"That’s all I have to say.”

That's all you had to say, Jack. You said it all.