'Scream' Victim Explains Why [SPOILER] Had To Die

Plus, find out why she nearly brought a vibrator to set.

"Scream" killed off its first major character in this week's episode, and in keeping with the theme of the slasher series, it's someone we were incredibly sad to see go.

Riley Marra, the budding horror genre buff -- and Noah's adorable love interest -- fell victim to the Lakewood killer after Emma was forced to choose between her and resident mean girl Brooke. It's not that we didn't see Riley's death coming from a mile away (nice girls aren't final girl material), but that doesn't mean we aren't upset by it. And poor Noah had to bear witness to his maybe-gf's final seconds on FaceTime!

MTV News chatted with the latest "Scream" victim, Brianne Tju, about filming her instantly iconic death scene, Riley and Noah's steamy (and final) hook-up and how she thinks Riley's death will change know-it-all Noah.

"I would hope that he'd be pretty heartbroken, otherwise he's probably a sociopath." Tju said of her on-screen beau. "I think he's going to be shaken up about it, but maybe that will give him the drive to find out who the killer is. I think that would make her death easier for me to bear."

Read the rest of our hilarious Q&A below:

MTV: What was it like filming that scene on the roof?

Brianne Tju: There were definitely moments where I was actually scared because there was someone chasing me. So it was scary. And it was a very different experience for me because I've never died on-screen -- or off-screen! It was really fun. I learned a lot about the technical aspect, with the visual effects. It was such a surreal experience but I'm glad I got to have it.

MTV: Did you know the person who was in the killer's costume?

Tju: I didn't know him personally. I had met him that day, and he introduced himself to me. He's a stunt guy. He was really nice, and he tried to make me feel very comfortable. But no matter how nice he was, he was still chasing after me with a knife that looked very real. So let's just say, we didn't become best friends after that.

MTV: You had a very good, guttural scream. How long did you practice it to get it just right?

Tju: Thank you! No, I didn't practice it because I talked to Amelia [Rose Blaire], who plays Piper, and I asked her, "How do I prepare for this? I've never died before. What do I do?" She was like, "You can't prepare for it. There's really nothing you can do." As an actor, you're gonna get there and they're going to set the scene and it's going to become so real for you. I just let it all out. I didn't even think about what my face was going to look like or what I sounded like. I was scared!

MTV: There was a lot of blood involved in Riley's death. Was that something that you had to be aware of too?

Tju: They prepped me beforehand to tell me how everything was going to work. I had no idea. I was like, "How are they going to make this blood look real?" We had some great makeup artists who were very supportive and a special effects guy who walked me through everything. I actually had a pump in my hand! As I was walking, I was letting the blood out, so that was really cool.

MTV: Emma had to make a choice between the good girl and the bad girl and she unintentionally chose Brooke. Do you think the right choice was made?

Tju: I think it makes sense that they killed Riley off. Right off the bat she was probably one of the most likable characters, so it makes sense that you'd kill the sweetest character off first because you already care about them.

MTV: Not to mention that her relationship with Noah was very endearing and sweet. I loved the scene in episode 2 with you two on the football field.

Tju: Me too! That was one of our favorite scenes to film because it was so "Friday Night Lights," and I love that show.

MTV: Let's talk about Riley and Noah because things were just starting to go so well for them! They just had a steamy make-out session that nearly turned into something more. I feel like Riley's fate was sealed when that happened.

Tju: Exactly! You can't sleep with anyone because that means you're going to die. But Noah didn't actually lose his virginity to her. So, it wasn't a definitive thing. Is she going to die? Because they didn't actually do it. But I guess she did die!

MTV: What was it like for you and John [Karna] that day on set?

Tju: OK, so, we talked about way beforehand, and we're really good friends. He's the sweetest guy and I know his girlfriend, so I didn't feel nervous or uncomfortable with him. And we were actually planning on pulling a couple of pranks on each other, but obviously, with the schedule, it was a little tight. The whole time I was just waiting for him to do something to make me laugh or mess me up.

MTV: What pranks were you planning?

Tju: Well, there's that one moment where Riley's phone vibrates and he kind of freaks out, as if he thinks it's a vibrator. So what I was going to do was buy a vibrator from a sex shop somewhere in Baton Rouge, so when the phone vibrated, I was going to pull out a vibrator. But I didn't end up having any time. I told him about it after and he was like, "That would have been so good!"

MTV: Bella Thorne has said we haven't seen the last of Nina. Can the same be said for Riley? Is she gone for good?

Tju: She's pretty dead. I don't think we'll be seeing her any more this season, but I would love her. She was a great character, which is what made her death so heartbreaking. The show is so meta, and the only way to make the audience feel like they were part of the show was to have a character who was also kinda lost and asked a lot of questions, and Noah was the voice of reason.

MTV: Now we have to figure it all out ourselves.

Tju: Exactly! Now the audience is screwed.