What Would You Do If A 'Catfish' Was Pretending To Be You?

Falesha came face-to-face with the girl impersonating her online.

It's par for the course that a "Catfish" will pretend to be someone they're not -- but what if you discovered that someone assumed your identity and that person set out to ruin your reputation by harassing people that you knew? That's the unfortunate scenario Falesha found herself in -- and during tonight's episode, Nev and Max were faced with uncovering the truth about the guy/girl who was bullying both F and the people closest to her.

A bit of background: Five years ago, the 19-year-old ran into a fake profile for a girl named Jacqueline Linkwood -- and all of the photographs used were of Falesha herself. "Jacqueline" was known for posting vulgar status updates and making insulting comments to others. But things quickly went from bad to worse when she changed her profile name to Falesha and began adding people from F's high school -- and spewing hateful comments, like encouraging teens to kill themselves and telling them they were fat or ugly.

Fortunately, in the fall of 2011, the profile went dark -- but four years later, the person returned to haunt Falesha yet again.

"I lost a lot of friends at school," Falesha told the digital detectives. "I couldn't even get people that I knew personally to believe that it was a fake account, or that I was being victimized."

Nev and Max quickly got to work -- touching base with the wide net of people (from differing states) who Jacqueline affected -- and learned that J was actually a 20-year-old girl from Maryland named Tracey.

When the super sleuths presented their findings, Falesha said that she had never met Tracey -- and expressed her determination to know the truth once and for all. But when the two young women came face-to-face, a grinning Tracey expressed her disgust toward Falesha.

"Oh my gosh, ewww," Tracey spat. The Hannah Montana superfan then added with a laugh: "I don't like her -- she stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood's friends."

However, the daycare worked later explained that she made the Jacqueline profile because she was "bored with her life" and, as another girl, she could "bully people and stuff." Initially, Tracey expressed no remorse, but during a sit-down with her mother Dorcus -- with N, M and F in tow -- she revealed that she created the profile when her dad became sick. After a bit of tough love from the foursome -- including a forceful statement that Falesha could press charges for cyber bullying -- Tracey eventually apologized for stealing F's photographs.

"I just wanted to be someone else. Jacqueline was an escape," a subdued and serious Tracey admitted. "I never say sorry to anyone."

Fortunately, Falesha was able to have Nev and Max by her side -- and even though T ultimately fessed up and took responsibility for her actions, one question remains: How would you cope if you were in a position like Falesha's? And what advice would you give to someone if they were in this scenario? Share your experiences and tips in the comments, and be sure to keep watching "Catfish" on Wednesdays at 10/9c.