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7 Adorable Sloth GIFs That Are Sure To Make Kristen Bell Cry

You're welcome for the feels!

A little over two years ago, Kristen Bell told us all a magical story on "Ellen" about meeting her very first sloth at her own birthday party. This, of course, was a big deal, because sloths are frickin' adorable -- and so is Kristen Bell when she gets very excited.

Today (July 18) Kristen Bell is celebrating yet another birthday, and while MTV doesn't have a sloth that we can physically send her (because let's face it, if we get access to a sloth then we are totally not gonna share), we do have these GIFs of sloths being cute AF -- AND we know just how she'd probably react to each and every one of them. Observe!

  • Will probably make Kristen feel like:
  • This baby sloth wants a close-up...
  • Which will probably make Kristen go:
  • This sloth is getting a bath:
    Animal Planet
  • So is Kristen. IN TEARS:
  • Then there's this sloth who totally sticks the landing:
  • First Kristen would laugh, but then she'd be all:

    She'd probably feel bad for laughing, too. It's okay, girl, that sloth's probably fine!

  • Animal Planet
  • Will probably make Kristen say:

    Seriously, WHO gave you the RIGHT to be so cute???

  • This sloth is trying to get help crossing the road...
  • Kristen would probably be stuck in her car like:
  • And this sloth who wants to give Kristen a flower...
  • Will totally just wreck Kristen emotionally:
  • Happy birthday, Kristen! Please have tissues handy.