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Could Wren Be Charles On 'Pretty Little Liars?'

We're not entirely sure if we can trust the latest "PLL" reveal.

"Pretty Little Liars" dropped another huge bomb on us in last night's episode, "No Stone Left Unturned": Charles is alive.

So, yeah, everything that happened these past few weeks? Forget about it. Charles didn't die in Radley; he escaped. Thanks to mastermind Mona, the Liars now know the identity of their masked assailant, but they still have no idea how to catch him in the act.

But that wasn't the only big reveal of the episode. With so much A drama, it's amazing that the Liars even have time for romance -- unrequited or not -- but alas, they do. And "No Stone Unturned" was a earth-shattering hour for shippers. Here are some of our biggest questions from the episode:

  1. Who is Charles?
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    No, really. Who is this guy? We know he's Jason and Ali's older brother, and that he escaped Radley the night Ali disappeared, but who is he? The obvious suspect would be Wren. After all, he appeared in Rosewood after Ali's disappearance, would be able to insert tracking devices into the Liars' necks given his medical experience and has a female accomplice in Melissa. (Remember when A had boobs?) He also has a strange way of interacting with the Liars.

    However, we don't entirely buy that Charles would fake a British accent or that he'd be hiding in plain sight. Unless, of course, Mrs. DiLaurentis was helping him all along. But we find it hard to believe that Mr. DiLaurentis wouldn't recognize his son -- no matter how distant they were. Could Wren be working with Charles? Possibly. We're just not 100 percent convinced that he is Charles.

  2. Is Ezria dunzo (again)?
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    Just when it seemed like Ezra and Aria might rekindle their romance, Aria catches him chatting up Emily's British friend Zoe. Now, we're sure this was a platonic encounter, but it definitely made Aria think about her and Ezra's future together. They're just on two separate paths right now, and there's nothing wrong with Aria going her own way.

  3. Can Sara be trusted?
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    Now that her and Emily might be an official item, it's time to really dive into Sara's past. Here's the thing: we know very little about her, and on a show like "PLL," that's never a good thing. Obviously, Sara has major problems that aren't going to be fixed overnight, no matter how hard Emily tries, but is there something more sinister happening here?

    It's entirely possible that Sara developed some sort of Stockholm syndrome in her captivity. What if she's working with Charles? It seems a little too convenient that she'd latch onto Emily so quickly. TBH, she has Emily right in the palm of her hand -- and that sounds like something A would do. Emily has always been the most trusting Liars, and we're worried she's getting plAyed.

  4. What is Charles planning for his birthday?
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    Something dangerous, obviously. Will Mr. DiLaurentis be the latest victim of Charles' violence? The birthday card he left for Mr. D sounded pretty ominous, and it sounds like Charles has something big planned for his bday -- and we don't think Kenneth is the only Rosewoodian who should be worried.