The 'Hannibal' Cast Talks About Their Man With The Dragon Tattoo

Get ready to meet Francis Dolarhyde and his scary teeth.

Ever since we heard that Richard Armitage of "The Hobbit" had scored a role as the serial-killing Tooth Fairy on "Hannibal," our eyes have been peeled every week for a glimpse of the man with the dragon tattoo.

Alas, he hasn't shown up... yet. But when he does, the cast promises that it'll be worth the wait.

In an interview with MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, Armitage admitted that he's not watching any of the other existing adaptations of the Tooth Fairy storyline (including the film "Red Dragon," in which Ralph Fiennes played the role of the killer.)

But, he says, the ultra-specific source material by Thomas Harris means that you'll definitely be seeing certain "iconic images" when Francis Dolarhyde makes his first appearance onscreen.

We're pretty sure we know what that means -- namely, intricate body art and creepy dentures -- but with Armitage's character arc set to take up the latter half of the show's third season, we won't have to wait long to find out.