Why Did A Republican Presidential Candidate Just Defend The Ban On Gay Boy Scout Leaders?

Also: Oklahoma GOP apologizes for comparing food stamp recipients to animals and Uber driver linked to sexual assaults.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Thinks It Protected Children

Less than 48 hours into his presidential bid, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made a bold, controversial statement that has raised eyebrows. A day after the Boy Scouts of America announced an end to their ban on gay troop leaders, Walker, an Eagle Scout, issued a statement to the Independent Journal Review in which he said he's had a lifelong commitment to the Scouts and "support[s] the previous membership policy because it protected children and advanced Scout values."

The Human Rights Campaign was quick to denounced Walker's statement, with president Chad Griffin saying, "Scott Walker's suggestion that the Boy Scouts of America's current discriminatory policy somehow 'protects' children from gay adults is offensive, outrageous, and absolutely unacceptable... His comments imply that we represent a threat to the safety and well-being of young people."

Oklahoma GOP Apologizes For Comparing People On Food Stamps To Animals

The Oklahoma Republican Party was on the defensive on Tuesday after it released a (since deleted) statement decrying the amount of Americans currently on the Food Stamps program (46 million) administered by the Dept. of Agriculture. "Meanwhile, the National Park Service... asks us 'Please Do Not Feed The Animals.' Their stated reason for the policy is because 'The animals grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.'"

The comments appear unrelated, but the post ended with "thus ends today's lesson in irony," leading Joel Berg, executive director of the New York Coalition Against Hunger, to say that it "dehumanizes the poor and hungry." On Wednesday morning (July 15), a party official apologized for the "misinterpreted" comment, saying it was "supposed to be an analogy that compared two situations illustrating the cycle of government dependency in America, not humans as animals."

Judge Orders Release Of Video Showing Cops Shooting Unarmed Man

Police in Gardena, California, released a video showing an officer fatally shooting an unarmed man in 2013 after a judge ordered the dash-cam clip to be made public. In the video, the officer shouts "Put your hands up!" at the unarmed men and when one lowers his several times and removes his hat the officer opens fire immediately. The city settled a lawsuit over the killing for $4.7 million. The judge issued the order after several news outlets argued that strong public interest demanded it. The city is appealing the decision and seeking to have the clip taken down.

Quick Take: A former Uber driver accused of kidnapping and raping a female passenger in December has also been linked via DNA to at least five other sexual assaults around Boston. Alejandro Done, 46, has plead not guilty to rape and other charges, but is now also facing aggravated rape and indecent assault counts in the other incidents from 2006-2010.

Update: A day after announcing they would lower their flag to half-staff to "mourn" the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision, Dent County, Missouri, officials reversed their field and said they ditched the plan "out of respect for veterans and those currently serving in the military."