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7 Reasons Why Louis Tomlinson Will Be The Best Dad Ever

'And we danced all night, with the BEST DAD EVER...'

One Direction fans were struck with a ton of conflicting emotions today after news broke that Louis Tomlinson is expecting his first child with Briana Jungwirth. Understandably, in fans’ eyes, the looming concerns are how this might affect the group going forward.

But really, the only thing that matters for now is making sure Louis’ little one is taken care of. And you know what? If ever there was a member of 1D more fit to be a dad, it’d be Louis.

Well, OK… maybe that distinction might actually go to Liam Payne, who was once affectionately nicknamed “Daddy Directioner” by his bandmates.

Nevertheless, don’t you worry — Louis is going to be a fantastic dad for all of the following reasons.

  1. He already has a ton of first-hand experience with kids.

    Louis is the older brother to six siblings. SIX. If you’re an older sib, you know just how often parenting duties can fall to you, and Louis has surely had a ton of experience taking care of his five little sisters and one little brother. In fact, his mom, Johanna Deakin, gave birth to twins just earlier this year.

  2. He has a strong support system.

    Piggybacking off the last point, Louis’ family will definitely be there to help him adjust to his new role as a father. Plus, don’t forget about 1D themselves! We’re sure the guys will be thrilled to be honorary “uncles” to the lucky little one.

  3. He’s met some of the best dads on the planet.

    If you’ve never been to a One Direction concert before, you should know that the dads who bring their kids to those shows are THE REAL MVPs. Seriously. The band always makes it a point to give a heartfelt shout-out to the adults in the crowd who so generously sacrificed their time, money, and hearing ability for something they probably couldn’t care less about. Having seen that kind of love firsthand at gigs all around the world has surely given Louis an idea of the selflessness needed to be a good dad.

  4. He’s already stepping up to take on his daddy duties.

    According to People, who first broke Louis’ baby news, the 23-year-old has already pledged to be a “hands-on dad.” Not only that, but he’s reportedly been looking for a house in L.A. to be close to Jungwirth, and he’s even accompanied her to her ultrasounds. It’d be easy for Louis to claim he’s busy (there’s that teey tiny matter of a 1D’s current global tour), but he seems committed to being a responsible parent.

  5. He’s super silly and fun.

    Besides being able to channel that mature and responsible side we just mentioned, don’t forget that Louis is also 1D’s resident jokester. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s always messing around with his bandmates, and his sense of humor is simply one of the very best things about him. We can’t wait for him to claim his throne as the rightful king of dad jokes.

  6. He can introduce his kid to Big Bird.

    One of the best perks of having a famous dad has GOT to be all the cool people he can introduce you to, right? Louis probably already has a star-studded list of celeb friends, but among the coolest is the “Sesame Street” gang, which will definitely earn him the Dad of the Year prize in his kid’s eyes.

  7. And he genuinely cares about kids and about the future.

    It’s only telling that, as of Tuesday evening, Louis’ last tweet linked to a video made for action/1D, One Direction’s new initiative to end extreme poverty and battle climate change. In the clip, Louis says, “I want to live in a world where every child can see a doctor when they’re sick,” and he goes on to talk about how every child should have the same opportunities he’s had. Not only is it a sweet, touching message, but it’s definitely timely given his baby news. Clearly, Louis is already taking steps to make sure the future is a little brighter for future generations — including his very own child.