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'Pretty Little Liars' Leads Us Right Back To Square One: Charles Is Alive

We really should have seen this one coming.

Nobody said being a "Pretty Little Liars" fan was easy, but honestly, tonight's episode, titled "No Stone Unturned," tested my patience.

It's not so much that I'm upset with the big reveal -- #CharlesIsAlive -- it just feels like "PLL" is going in circles. Didn't we spend an entire episode dedicated to "proving" Charles' death? With only fours episodes left this season, I hope the show breaks away from its current "twist of the week" formula and really begins to answer its central mystery. No more "speed bumps." No more false hope. No more games. It's time for answers.

Though "No Stone Unturned" was pretty much a glorified filler episode, there were some interesting new developments for our Liars. In short, we guess it's OK to start shipping Sarily (Emara?) now. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping moments from the episode:

  1. Mona sets the record straight: Charles is alive.
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    This is why we need Mona to stick around. Not only does she have no problem calling the Liars out on their crazy bullsh-t -- really, Hanna? -- but she's also always one step ahead. Now, we're still unsure of her allegiance, but when she said Lesli wasn't Charles, we believed her. There's no way Lesli and her fake glasses could have pulled his entire scheme off.

    That being said, we would like to know why Spencer didn't find the loop hole in Charles' file first. Mona is convinced Charles is alive because there's no way someone on that many medications would be a viable organ donor. Fair point. Mona also drops another huge bomb: Charles and Bethany escaped from Radley together... on the night Ali disappeared. Finally, the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place. Remember the look on Mrs. DiLaurentis' face when someone hit Ali over the head with a rock, prompting her to bury her own daughter alive? We're now 100 percent certain that was Charles, alive and well. How do we know Charles is, in fact, alive? It's all thanks to Mr. DiLaurentis...

  2. Charles leaves a message for his dearest "daddy."
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    Mr. D is rightfully spooked when "Charles" leaves a message on his car. It read: "Dear Daddy, coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles." Our guess is Charles' birthday "celebration" will coincide with the "PLL" summer finale.

    This leads Mr. D to do a little digging of his own -- literally and figuratively. After calling all of the doctors in Radley (none of whom could confirm his son's death, FYI), he goes to his son's grave and starts digging. But there's not casket to be found. Maybe Spencer should have let Hanna dig the grave up when they had the chance. It would have saved us one entirely unnecessary plot line.

  3. Emily and Sara finally kiss.
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    Emily and Sara finally locked lips after weeks of sexual tension. (Don't pretend you didn't see it too, my fellow Paily shippers.) A cute British friend from Emily’s last humanitarian trip came all the way to Rosewood to recruit her for a summer excursion to Thailand, but Emily was forced to decline because Sara needed her more. "I’ve only known her for a couple of weeks, but it’s been intense," Emily said. Yeah, that's a bit of an understatement. Emily is sacrificing a lot for Sara, and we hope she doesn't return the favor by breaking Em's heart. That being said, that kiss was pretty hot. It certainly seemed like Sara was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted in that moment.

  4. Spencer's sober coach Dean makes a shocking confession.
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    Is it really too much to ask for a platonic relationship between an adult man and a teen girl in this town? We understand that Spencer is a literal goddess, flaws and all, but did Dean really have to fall in love with her? In the episode, Dean tells Spencer that he can't see her anymore because, "Every time you’re near me, I want to grab you and kiss you. The fact that you have a boyfriend isn’t the problem; the problem is that I don’t care." Like, what even?

    Well, at least he didn't kiss her and knew when to say goodbye. We still think his parting words were creepy af though.

  5. Hanna and Caleb kiss and make up.

    OK, that Haleb kiss was worth all of the mental grief this episode caused me. HALEB FOREVER. (Sorry, Ezria fans. We wish the same could be said for your embattled OTP.)