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This 'Paper Towns' Paper Trailer Is 2-D Cute

So crisp.

It's a paper town -- and now, digitally so.

In celebration of the titular subject material of John Green's "Paper Towns," the adaptation of which is due in theaters July 24, a new all-paper trailer for the Jake Schreier film has been released to take us all straight to the second dimension of this story.

Not only does the new video highlight the relevance (and, though it goes without saying, sheer badassery) of Sam Bruno's soundtrack song "Search Party," but it also teaches us a keen little vocabulary lesson.

Now we can know that the letter "M" is quite significant to the story -- though the only obvious single letter of significance we saw before was "Q" -- the nickname of the main character Quentin (Nat Wolff in the movie).

Because not only does "M" stand for Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne), but it also represents some of the central arcs of the story: mystery, a mission, mayhem, magic, the missing, maps, and a miracle.

They forgot minivan on that list, but still. Consider us adequately schooled and ready for the next "M" -- that is, the movie itself -- to arrive in teach us some more important things about ourselves, like how many minutes it takes us to cry during a second John Green movie. Because with the first, it didn't take long.