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Kanye West And Chance The Rapper 'Have A Lot Of Cool Ideas Brewing'

Reveal them to us, please.

When Chance the Rapper met Kanye West in September, he admitted that, "I’m pretty sure I’m still his #1 fan." But the convo wasn't entirely Chance losing his cool while meeting an idol.

"We talked about Chicago and what we could do for it," he tweeted at the time.

In the months since, some of the seeds from that convo seem to have sprouted. Yeezy, for instance, surprised kids at Chano's open mic in May.

Now, seems there's more on the way.

"We started working recently and have a lot of cool ideas brewing," Chance said on "Windy City Live!" on Tuesday (July 14).

A collaboration, the host asked?

"We're on 'Windy City Live!' so let's say, yeah," he responded.

Then, he faced the camera and doubled down: "Me and Kanye and a lot of Chicago artists and a lot of dope artists are working on a collaborative effort that will be released tentatively."

Hm. What could that mean? Music? Something visual? Something involved with the local community? Kids?

Anything seems possible.

Hopefully, we'll find out soon.