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Is The Fashion World As Shallow As You Think?

Alexa Chung investigates in a new docu-series.

If there's one creative industry that gets a lot of flack, it's the fashion world. To outsiders, it's filled with frivolous parties and celeb-filled front rows, but those immersed in the scene know one thing for sure: It's a lot of hard work fueled by incredible creative energy. No one understands this better than Alexa Chung, who has been working in fashion since she was 15, and she decided to team up with British Vogue to debunk these myths in a docu-series that showcases the talent behind the seemingly-superficial industry.

"The thing that I found is that people are very dismissive of fashion in general–like it's always seen as folly or it has connotations of vanity or indulgence and all these things, when actually it's occupied and driven by people who are highly creative and highly intelligent," she says in a trailer for the show. "There's a perception of it being the only bit that you see on Instagram during fashion week, which is champagne at a party and a lovely dolly bird in a dress, and it's always sort of dumbed down when actually a lot of thought and care and craftmanship goes into the cogs that turn it."

The best part? Alexa wants to hear all your burning questions about fashion industry! Leave a comment on their YouTube page, and there's a chance she'll start investigating your inquiry ASAP. Alex said, "I think it's important that we make a film which is an accurate representation of fashion as it stands now and where it's going in the future." We do too, girl. We do too.