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This New Underwear Design Will Hide Your Accidental Boner

As you're probably well aware from, y'know, living your life, your body sometimes physically reacts in ways that you wish it wouldn't. Like, yeah, I wish my face didn't turn bright red every time I have to speak in front of a group, but oh well, my cheeks do what they want, OK??

Dudes have their own ~spontaneous~ physical reactions, but thanks to Bloxers—a new underwear design—they'll remain, uh, under wraps (like, literally, kinda?).

The design comes equipped with a "deflector shield" sewn in over the crotch. Bloxers' aim, as described on their Indiegogo page, is to keep "yourself or the men in your life from experiencing the negative effects of what is fundamentally a very good thing."

Bloxers are not widely available yet because the company is still trying to get funding, hence the Indiegogo page. If you're into Bloxers and all they have to offer—especially that "deflector shield," amirite??—you can contribute to the campaign on the site, with 25% of profits going to prostate cancer research.

Now, please, watch the video so my cheeks can return to their natural (pale) color—I thought I blushed a lot while speaking in public, but that was before I had to write about boners for work.