Kirsty Griffin

Austin Butler And The 'Shannara Chronicles' Cast Reveal The Dark Side Of Being An Elf

"Orlando Bloom, eat your heart out."

Unless you've read the books that the series is based on, then a lot of what "The Shannara Chronicles" is about probably remains a mystery to you. (Though of course, the gorgeous new trailer and the San Diego-Comic Con panel helped clear up a burning question or two.)

But one thing anyone who is anyone can already tell you about the series is that it stars a whole lot of flaxen-haired, pointy-eared elves -- meaning the actors on the show, including Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton, and "Lord of the Rings" legend John Rhys-Davies, had a whole lot of prosthetics to deal with on the show's New Zealand set.

"We did have some interesting elf ear moments," Drayton said. "Because they're made of gelatin, so when you go in water, they tend to have a bit of a hard time. There was a time when [Butler's character] Wil had to be in a stream, and your elf ears just sort of went [drooping noise], like sad little puppy ears."

As for Davies -- who had to make an adjustment to the ears after years of playing an elf-opposed dwarf in the "Lord of the Rings" movies -- he's just glad he was able to surpass the status of LOTR's most famous elven heartthrob.

"Let me reiterate the point that I've been trying to make my whole year: from dwarf to elf king," he joked. "Orlando Bloom, eat your heart out."

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