Watch People Aged 5 To 105 Answer The Daunting Question, 'What Is Love?'

Baby don't hurt me no more.

"Love is a complicated thing." So says a 14-year-old boy in a new video where he was asked, "What is love?" SoulPancake filmed people from ages 5-105 asking them one of life's big questions — and the results are pretty heartwarming.

In the video above, a 63-year-old offers the dictionary definition off the top of his head, saying, "One of the definitions is 'the state where the happiness of another is essential to the one's own.'" (We looked it up -- he's actually right.) And sure, that's the way the dictionary defines it, but one of the most layered answers was offered by a young girl who probably can't even read the dictionary yet. The 5-year-old answered the question with a single word: "Really?"

Others had a more cynical view of love. The biggest bummer of an answer comes from a man of 35 who says "Love, to me, is the greatest marketing campaign ever invented."

Ultimately, the best thoughts about love are spoken from a 56-year-old woman. She says, "It makes you do the things you never thought you could do, and I think it just makes life worth living."

H/T Cosmopolitan