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This Squirrel Is About To Eat A Snake And OMG That's Terrifying

The furry creatures hanging out on your college campus aren't so friendly after all.

Squirrels are known to eat acorns, nuts and maybe even the leftover remnants of your morning bagel. Turns out they don't mind sampling reptiles for breakfast, either.

At Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas, a squirrel is totally down to consume an actual living snake. We guess there weren't enough acorns around?

The ferocious squirrel is moments away from devouring a snake and shows no mercy for its victim. This pic proves that the furry creatures slowly but surely taking over your campus aren't cuddly, gentle animals. They're full-on PREDATORS. Approach them with caution, guys.

Approximately six years ago, I found out exactly how savage squirrels can be. I was a college freshman at the time. Winter was winding down, and it was one of the first sunny, warm days in a while. So, like any student starved of vitamin D, I decided to eat outside and get some rays.

I sat down on some steps outside my dorm and unwrapped a bagel, my breakfast. (Lunch? Snack? Who knows, no one eats regular meals in college.) I enjoyed the cream cheese-y goodness for max 40 seconds when -- cue corny horror movie music -- a particularly boisterous squirrel, determined to steal said bagel, appeared from thin air. I had seen squirrels scurrying about campus flitting in and out of trashcans, but I had never been this up close and personal with one.

You know how when dogs want a bite of whatever you're eating, they politely sit there wagging their tails and stare at you until you give in? Squirrels aren't like that. When they see something they want, they really go for it...

Even if it's an f--king snake.

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