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Zendaya Explains Why She Called Out That Makeup-Shamer: Watch

Last month, when an awful makeup-shaming tweet was making the rounds, Zendaya, earth angel and feminist warrior, came down in the defense of YouTube beauty vlogger Shaaanxo whose image was used in the tweet. MTV News was fortunate enough to speak to Zendaya on Saturday (July 11) at BeautyCon LA and asked her about the incident.

"Nothing inspired me to do it, I just thought it was wrong," she revealed, adding, "I've been taught to stand up about things that just weren't right." No one asked Zendaya to comment on it. No one tagged her in the tweet hoping she'd come to the rescue. She just saw something she didn't agree with and called it out.

This sense of social responsibility is woven tightly into Zendaya's being, from the way she responded to the "Fashion Police" controversy following her appearance at the 2015 Academy Awards to her attitude toward style in general. "I feel a responsibility to kind of showcase different forms of beauty and show hairstyles and everything," she explained to MTV News. "I don't just wear them just to wear them, but to show women you can have short hair and still be fly, you can have long hair and still be fly. It's all about different forms and different styles of beauty."

In a fashion world that is overwhelmingly geared toward conventional beauty norms, Zendaya's positive and inclusive outlook is refreshing and exactly what the industry needs.