Watch The 'Fantastic Four' Kick Ass On Their Own Terms In The Final Trailer

Say yes.

If you weren't at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, don't worry: another piece of Con-exclusive footage shown in Hall H has been released, and it's -- pardon the pun -- fantastic.

Yes, the final trailer for "Fantastic Four" premiered in San Diego, and now you can watch it too, even if you're nowhere near California. (You can watch it if you're in California too.)

The trailer opens with young Reed Richards (Miles Teller) telling his class he wants to be the first to teleport himself, then very seriously informing them that he's abandoned his flying car project. We're working with some serious genius here.

The group that somehow formed a family shines in the trailer, in which we get a better sense of their role as pawns for the government. Eventually, they come to the top brass with a deal: they'll help them fight Dr. Doom, but it has to be on their own terms.

"What if we say no?" a Government Big Guy says.

"Say yes," Michael B. Jordan's Human Torch responds.


"Fantastic Four" hits theaters August 7.