Watch Paul Rudd Chug A Cup Of Cold Gravy

Two men, twelve cups.

Paul Rudd is making the rounds to promote "Ant-Man" this week, and last night (July 13) marked his visit to "The Tonight Show," where he took part in a drinking game that is giving us terrible, traumatic flashbacks to long-ago lunch periods in our middle school cafeteria.

In the debut of a game called "DRINKO," Paul and host Jimmy Fallon took turns dropping disks down a pegboard into one of a dozen waiting cups, each of which contained a liquid that the disk-dropper's opponent had to drink... which is why video now exists on the internet of Paul Rudd chugging a solo cup of cold gravy.

DRINKO also ended with a final round in which Jimmy Fallon was forced to drink gravy and tequila mixed together, and it is awful, unless you're the 13 year-old boy who invented this game, in which case you're going to love it.