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Kate Winslet And Liam Hemsworth Get Cozy In 'The Dressmaker': Watch

We've got all of Kate's sass, in GIF form.

Any Gale Hawthorne-Jeanine Matthews cross-fandom 'shippers in the house? Because that ish is going DOWN in this first trailer for "The Dressmaker." Well, sorta.

Like Jeanine, Kate Winslet's Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage in the Australian pic is styled sharp and on a straight mission to change the way people think in the small town she grew up in. (Of course, she's also a fashion designer and not a tyrannical mind-alterer with a mission to destroy people who are non-compliant to the strict-structured system, so it's not *exactly* the same character, FWIW.)

Then there's Liam Hemsworth's Teddy McSwiney -- though we'd kind of like to refer to him here as Mr. McSwooney because in the trailer alone he manages to become shirtless, roll around in the mud with other hot fellas from Down Under, speak with his heavenly native Aussie drawl (TALK TO US, LIAM!), and last but certainly not least, deliver handsome boy phrases like "You're wasted here." Yup. McSwooney all dang day.

"The Dressmaker" is a low-key dramedy based upon the best-selling novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham and is expected to hit theaters on Oct. 22. And we cannot friggin' wait because this movie is CLEARLY going to be one giant showcase of Kate Winslet being cool AF.

Consider these 6 GIFs from the barely-above-two-minutes trailer alone.

  1. First, there was this GTFO face.
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  2. Then she made an entrance in red because Kate. Frackin'. Winslet.
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    All the whistles.

  3. And, as always, she knows how to own her props.
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    You close that book, gurrrrrrl.

  4. And she definitely knows how to get the boys' attention.
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    Lady. In. Red.

  5. Shake it out.
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  6. Let it burnnnnn.
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    She's a walking mindsplosion.

You just can't beat all that Kate sass. You just can't.