5 Insider Tidbits From The Folks Behind 'Scream'

How many times did Bella Thorne have to shriek in the pool?!

Happenings in Lakewood are getting very spooky: Three teens are deceased (RIP Nina, Tyler and Rachel) because of a frightful killer on the loose, and the town's residents are highly suspicious of everyone -- and every little thing -- around them (wouldn't you be too?!). And while we're only two episodes into "Scream" -- and sleeping with the light on every night because of them -- there are several spoilery-esque details we can reveal from the first installments of the horror series. Here's a look at five fun tidbits we learned from some of the cast and the two executive producers during San Diego Comic-Con:

  1. The not-so-nice-gal screamed A LOT before she was slaughtered by the killer.

    Just how many times did Bella Thorne have to screech in order to nail Nina's death scene? "I'd say 15 takes," the 17-year-old dished about the sequence, featured above. "Not that you needed 15 takes to get it straight on. But you do four takes straight on, then you do a different take of something else. And then you have to go to that wide shot of me coming out of the water and screaming and falling over and coming over to the tree. That you have to scream for again. So there’s a lot of different shots you need to scream for." Here's hoping she had some throat lozenges to soothe her pipes afterward...

  2. Noah Foster's alter ego didn't like taking a late-night dip.

    In fact, John Karna thought it was a "scary scene" to film. "The stunt rig was a rope that was attached to my ankle -- it was some guy pulling me down," the actor explained. "I kept thinking if someone didn’t like me, they could have just kept me down there. That would have been the end!"

  3. According to the woman behind good girl Emma Duval, the most "fun" scene to film has been...

    ...the late-night phone call with the mass murderer. "It was a one-take that we did, which is very rare," starlet Willa Fitzgerald dished. "It was six pages of script, and we shot in a oner -- which we then obviously went in for coverage on and stuff. But that was really exciting." An added bonus: paying homage to the original franchise and Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore).

  4. So, do the George Washington High students actually get along IRL?

    According to Connor Weil (aka jock Will Belmont), the cast is very tight. "We became friends within the first day of shooting," the 21-year-old said. "We’re so close, it’s incredible. And if we have a hard scene, or something emotional, it’s like ‘Dude, are you okay?’ It’s strange how close we became so fast."

  5. Can fans of the "Scream" film expect tributes (à la the Gale Weathers character and Em's chat with the killer, for example) in this horror series?

    Yes...and no. "There are certain moments and tropes and meta humor that have a referential kind of quality -- the movies that we are keeping alive in the show," executive producer Jamie Paglia explained. "We have our homages to the characters, to the archetypes, to the tone, to the world, to the mask -- we're deepening it for television and stretching it out, which you just can't do in a two-hour movie."

    Added executive producer Jill Blotevogel: "It's just always there in the back of my mind when we're writing the show, but it really is a new chapter."

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