Night Riots Go For A Run In The Road In 'Oh My Heart'

Talk about a traffic-stopper. (Groan.)

Remember when Frank Ocean performed "Forrest Gump" at the Grammys and he just basically ran down the street in a way that was badass? If you were into that awesomeness, you'll definitely dig Night Riot's new video for "Oh My Heart," off of their 2015 EP, Howl -- which we're premiering exclusively today at

A dark, mysterious piece of film, the video sees lead singer Travis Hawley running down any empty highway (just like your mother told you NOT to do) as he sings, "Oh my heart -- oh my heart/ Could it be right?/ You heaven, my heaven" -- the jam romantic-bordering-on-religious.

Not much happens over the course of the video, but it feels like Hawley is running toward something clad all in white -- whether it be a girl or something more powerful. At the end, though, he raises his arms, suffused in light -- which suggests the latter. Or aliens (I'm hoping for aliens).

The So. Cal band -- who are doing it up on Warped Tour -- are no strangers to the dark 'n' gloomy. Their hit song, "Contagious," copped some Halloween-worthy visuals in 2014, portraying the dudes in all their sexy, gloomy, Robert Smith-tinged glory.