Colin Gray/MTV

The Confederate Flag Still Needs To Go; Charlamagne Explains Why

'The historical context is hate.'

Since last month, Americans have been locked in debate about what the Confederate flag really stands for: Is it a hateful symbol of slavery and oppression, or a respectful homage to Southern heritage?

With South Carolina having voted nearly unanimously to remove the flag from its statehouse, that debate seems to be resolving in the direction of the former answer.

But if you're still not sure, Charlamagne is here with a clip from "Uncommon Sense," which airs Friday nights at 11 p.m. EST on MTV2, to tell you what he thinks about it -- as a lifelong resident of the South.

His take? Sorry, y'all: There's no spinning the stars-and-bars as a positive thing.

"The historical context is hate," he says of the flag. "Too much blood is on that flag for it to ever be a good thing."

Check out the video to hear all Charlamagne's thoughts on the subject, and to see video of the flag getting serenaded, smell-ya-later style, on its way down the pole at the South Carolina statehouse last week.