The 'Maze Runner' Cast Has A Big Future In… Professional Mario Kart Racing?

It's-a me! Dylan MariO'Brien!

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

If "The Maze Runner" proved anything, it's that Dylan O'Brien and his friends are fast. Like, very, very fast. But the Gladers aren't just quick on their feet. They're quick on the streets, too… at least in the world of video gaming.

At San Diego Comic-Con, O'Brien, alongside co-stars Ki Hong Lee and Thomas Brodie-Sangster, revealed the secret hobby that's been fueling them through the "Maze Runner" franchise thus far: "Mario Kart."

"We get together, we share a meal, we huddle up in one person's room, and we play 'Mario Kart,'" said Lee, with all the cool nonchalance you would expect from a pro "Mario Kart" racer.

"Us as a group, we could probably enter some worldwide tournament at this point," added O'Brien. "We all started at the bottom. Only two of us were good at it. We were all so bad at first. Now we can totally play."

So, the guys have a backup plan in case this whole "acting" thing doesn't work out. It's a good plan. It might even be a great one. In fact, you can picture Dylan red-shelling the Shuck out of some Shank and giving him a Luigi Death Stare all the while.


Okay, we need the "Maze Runner" crew in a "Mario Kart" movie now, please and thanks. Wes Ball, get on it.