Do Girl Bands Have It Worse Than Boy Bands?

Little Mix weighs in.

With their next record, Little Mix are going to be three albums deep into their musical career, and they've worked hard -- harder, perhaps, than the guys.

The U.K. girl group is gaining traction in the U.S., something all-male One Direction did in 2011 (with one song). So when the ladies started talking about women in pop with Digital Spy, they seemed to agree that it's a little harder for their gender to break through.

"We were lucky that we got girls on our side straight away," Jade Thirwall said. "That is an obstacle that girl bands face is getting a lot of girls to really support you."

The discussion on gender came, ironically, after the ladies were asked about their style and fashion choices.

"We were lucky that we had 'X Factor' as a platform to show off our personalities," Jesy Nelson said. "Every Saturday and Sunday, people got to know us as individuals and know what we were like as friends and how close we were. With girl bands who haven't got that platform, it's hard."

Jesy thinks that popularity comes down to whether the girl band is relatable. Hey, works for Taylor Swift, right?

"Some people just don't relate to them," Jesy said. "Sometimes they're too sexy. Sometimes they're intimidated."

The problem with this saying this, though, is that encourages women to hold back on their sexuality and confidence in order to get fans. Little Mix are relatable -- they're just goofballs like us -- AND they're feminists (their 2013 song "Salute" enlists women all across the world as they sing "You think we're just pretty things/ You couldn't be more wrong"). In my opinion, women can be intimidating and confident and still be likable (hell, people liked Scary Spice, didn't they?).

What do you guys think? Do boy bands have a better chance at being liked? Tell us what you're thinking in the comments!