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Kendall Jenner Adds Another Major Campaign To Her Bursting Resume

So. Many. Campaigns.

You would think that after closing a Chanel couture show, having multiple sold-out-in-minutes fashion lines to your name, and becoming the face of Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein, you might not have time to star in a campaign for another high-fashion brand. If you're Kendall Jenner, though, you make time, especially if that campaign is for Fendi and being shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

In April, Fendi teased an upcoming campaign starring KJ. The brand left the image unveiling up to her and she debuted the new ads on social media—where else??—posting a photo to Instagram with the caption "new @Fendi shot by Karl Lagerfeld....NO BIG DEAL 😵"

Oh, girl, IT IS A BIG DEAL—like, physically big. The shoot has the supermodel posing with what appear to be some sort of oversized tinker toy puppets while wearing pieces from Fendi's Fall 2015 collection.

Adding this campaign to a constantly growing pile makes us wonder—will September magazines even have room for anyone other than Kendall?