Watch This Guy Jam Out On A Recorder -- Yep, The Same One You Played In Third Grade

This is wayyy better than 'Hot Cross Buns.'

Since the beginning of time -- OK, not really, but it seems like it -- music teachers have bestowed their wide-eyed, eager-to-learn elementary school students with the gift of music ... in the form of plastic recorders. The instrument was one step up from a triangle but significantly less complicated than an actual flute.

Back in our ✨youth✨, we drove our parents crazy with our off-key "Hot Cross Buns" rendition. Turns out that plastic recorder can do a whole lot more than a three-note song. Residents have spotted a man in Pasadena, California rocking out on the instrument while stuck in traffic. Check out his intense jam sesh, uploaded by YouTube user Colby, to ZZ Top’s "La Grange" below:

We don't know which part of the vid is our favorite, the head-banging or the cop car that casually drives by like a dude playing the recorder behind the wheel is NBD. According to Reddit comments, this recorder prodigy performs on the regular, so we can only hope that more videos like this emerge in the future.

(Side note: Don't play and instrument and drive. That's bad news bears, guys.)