Hungry For More 'Deadpool'? Here's How You Can Survive The Wait For Wade

The Wading is the hardest part.

San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and even more painful is the fact that we're in a "Deadpool" dead period for the first time in… oh, about a week. The Merc with the Mouth has left the stage, and we're left with nothing to do but wait for his return.

Well, that's a grimmer picture than reality, actually. Yeah, we might have to wait a while for more "Deadpool" action, but we don't have to be bored while doing it. Here are a few ways to keep you occupied while you wait for Wade Wilson:

  1. Wait patiently for three weeks.

    Lock yourself away, zone out in a zen-like trance, speaking no words to anyone, for the next almost-month, and you should have some new "Deadpool" footage at your disposal, based on what Ryan Reynolds tweeted the other day. That's not so hard, is it?

  2. Read a book.

    If you actually want to live your life for the next three weeks, but still can't get Wade off the brain, no problem! The dude is in all of the comic books. Whether it's the original Joe Kelly run or Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's recent take on the character, or something in between, there's a Deadpool story for all seasons.

  3. Play a game.

    Become Deadpool by playing "Deadpool," the Activision game released in 2013 for pretty much every major platform. Don't go looking for it on any digital storefronts — you won't find it there — but if you're dying to see the world through Wade's eyes, playing the game is one of the best ways to pull that off.

  4. Watch the legendary VFX reel…

    …if you can still find it online, that is. And once you find it, just watch it over and over and over again, ad nauseum.

  5. Watch Wade meet Slater.

    Because Deadpool murdering Mario Lopez is basically par for the course in terms of what we can expect from the movie come 2016.

  6. Follow Wade.

    He's on Twitter. He only follows Hello Kitty. It's pretty great. (Oh, and Reynolds is on there, too.)

  7. But under all circumstances, do NOT…
  8. I repeat, DO NOT…
  9. …watch "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

    It's not good. It's also not "Deadpool." Yeah, Ryan's in this, he plays Wade Wilson, but that's NOT Deadpool, and certainly not the version we're going to see in the full-fledged solo movie. I guess you can watch it if you really enjoy torturing yourself, but all it will tell you is what the real-deal "Deadpool" movie WON'T be like.

  10. DO watch "Green Lantern."

    If only because this is the decision Reynolds made instead of going all-in on "Deadpool." We must never forget, for the sake of future generations.

  11. DO watch "Blade Trinity."

    I'd stop short of calling the movie underrated, but Reynolds as Hannibal King is a breakout performance for the actor, showing he had the chops (of both the actor-ly and physical variety) to pull off playing an action hero in a comic book movie. He cracks wise and kicks ass, with a little bit more seriousness than we can expect out of Wade, but enough that it gives you your best look yet at what he might bring to Deadpool.


    Seriously. Don't.

  13. Wait patiently for seven months.

    See step one, except instead of zoning out for three weeks, make that a little more than half a year, if you want to experience maximum surprise when "Deadpool" finally hits theaters on February 12, 2016. Make sure you at least eat a big breakfast beforehand, though.