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Ed Sheeran Definitely Had A Better Weekend Than Any Of Us

A world record, Wembley Stadium, Elton John ... really, COME ON NOW.

In the storied Game of Weekends, there are many chapters, sagas and epochs. As such, there are many who would claim victory for themselves -- but today, there is no clearer champion than Ed Sheeran.

It all began on Thursday (July 9) -- which, yeah, is not technically the weekend, but it is if you're in college, so just go with it -- when Ed officially received the Guinness World Record for the "longest climb to No. 1 on the UK singles charts." His song "Thinking Out Loud" stayed on top for 19 weeks in 2014 between July 5 and November 8, and now he has the cool plaque to prove it.

Certainly enough to make a weekend satisfying, right? Maybe to normals. But Ed clearly operates in a higher realm than us mere mortals, one where Manchester United soccer player Wayne Rooney has personalized shirts (and cleats?) made for each member of Ed's road team. Nice.

That dressing room, by the way, is at the gigantic Wembley Stadium in London -- you know, home of England's national soccer team -- which Ed packed for a three-night run of performances that ends tonight. He's been Instagramming each night. Hard.

OK, so a world record, mammoth stadium shows and new custom threads... Are we good yet? We both know the answer to that.

You see, Ed probably got a text from his pal Taylor about her plans for outrageously star-stuffed gigs at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this past weekend, so he knew he needed to try to get on her level (which, as we know, is even higher than his).

Enter Elton John.

Sir Elton joined Ed on stage Friday night for a spirited joint rendition of his 1976 tune "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart," because yes. It sounded good.

To recap, that's two legendary rock acts Ed's gotten to jam with in the past two weeks. At this rate, he's due for a Paul McCartney collab any day now. Hey, they've already make acquaintances -- it could happen.

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Congrats, Ed the Weekend Victor. Long may you reign.