Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CinemaCon

'Fantastic Four' Cast Reveals Whether The Thing Has A 'Thing'

Yeah, we went there.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

When the "Fantastic Four" trailers began to roll out earlier this year, our sick minds could only focus on one thing. No, it wasn't how great the footage looked, or how psyched we are to see Michael B. Jordan turn that flame on.

No, instead it was the fact that Jamie Bell wasn't wearing pants when he became The Thing -- so where was his, you know, thing? Lucky for us, we had the cast in our San Diego Comic-Con headquarters on Saturday (July 110), and were able to ask the gang first-hand.

"I don't see any pants on him," Bell admitted. "You don't see any of The Thing's thing."

This led Miles Teller, ever the jokester, to wonder out loud of that meant that "the thing" does not exist, to which Bell replied: "let's throw that out... to fan fiction."

"Submit your designs," Teller added.

We can't really type what happened after that without disappointing our mothers, so just check out the videos and be sure to submit your designs to @Miles_Teller!