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Who Won San Diego Comic-Con 2015?

We rank the 21 biggest, best things that happened this year.

Another San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest gathering of pop culture, movies, celebrities and general nerdiness of the year, is in the books. And boy, what a con it was! There were surprises and stars aplenty, along with the usual new trailer, fantastic cosplays and heartwarming acts of fandom.

Though everyone gets a participation prize -- thanks for playing! -- we can't help but have our favorites. Here's MTV News' rundown of who won Comic-Con 2015.

  1. We got the start date and a new trailer for "Doctor Who"

    Call the Doctor!

  2. They delivered weed? They delivered weed!

  3. This guy.
    MTV News/Kase Wickman

    WORK IT.

  4. Josh Hutcherson, babysitter.
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    "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson charmed the hell out of Hall H by playing chaperone to Jennifer Lawrence, repeatedly warning his co-star not to curse. He also got a big "awww" for responding to the question of what he'd miss most about filming by pointing at his co-stars and saying, "You're looking at them." Peeta Pocket, you're gonna make me cry.

  5. "Fear the Walking Dead" makes its big debut.

    Finally, we found out what was going on while Rick was in a coma.

  6. J.J. Abrams has a sweet surprise for campers in the Hall H line.
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    Donuts! You're the best! May the Force (and the sugar glaze) be with you!

  7. Zack Snyder rolls up in the Batmobile

    Forget donuts (don't forget donuts, never forget donuts), talk about a treat for waiting in line! The "Batman V Superman" director surprised fans by debuting the Batmobile for those waiting overnight.

  8. The Great "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."/"Agent Carter" Dubsmash War Of 2015


  9. This Jaimie Alexander news.

    Lady Sif! She's coming back! For real!

  10. The time James McAvoy pinned Daniel Radcliffe against a wall.

    The "Victor Frankenstein" panel was unexpectedly bromancey.

  11. Bill Murray and Jennifer Lawrence met, and stars exploded.
    MTV News/Kase Wickman

    True story: right after we took this picture, J Law crumpled over and mouthed, "Oh my god."

  12. This GIF of Maisie Williams being a slay kween.


  13. The "Walking Dead" trailer gave us life.

    They literally set people on fire and threw them in this trailer.

  14. The "X-Men: Apocalypse" trailer mutated our expectations. (In a good way!)

    After just five weeks of shooting, director Bryan Singer showed off an intense trailer for "Apocalypse," introducing Oscar Isaac as the big scary ancient cult leader mutant Apocalypse. If this is what they can come up with after a month of shooting...

  15. Jennifer Lawrence is the queen of Comic-Con
    Getty Images

    Between whole-heartedly endorsing a "Hunger Games" threesome, telling us how she relates to Katniss and making a surprise appearance at the Fox panel, this girl is on fire. Please come back next year!

  16. Channing Tatum takes the most epic superhero selfie of all time.

    Even superheroes need to make use of a selfie stick every now and then, especially when there's a dozen-plus superheroes involved.

  17. The "Batman V Superman" trailer saved the day.

    Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill showed up to save the day with an all-new "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer, and all we can say is: the red capes are coming.

  18. "Suicide Squad" footage killed.
    Warner Bros.

    It didn't kill us, but the first footage from "Suicide Squad" hurt us really, really bad. (From all the delighted smiling and clapping.)

  19. "Deadpool" actually kills us (not really [maybe]) with hilarity.

    Ryan Reynolds popped up during the Fox panel Saturday and delighted audiences with one Comic-Con exclusive intro video, a foul-mouthed, hilarious panel, and an even more foul-mouthed, hilarious trailer. Can you guys just put it online already so we can figure out a way to live inside it?

  20. "Star Wars" goes to a second location.

    Even though it breaks one of Jack Donaghy's cardinal rules (never go to a second location), this. was. awesome. After a bonkers panel, J.J. Abrams led all 6,000 Hall H-ers to the marina, where there was a surprise symphony concert celebrating John Williams' arrangements, complete with emotional lightsaber waving. Shut up, YOU'RE crying.

    It was historic, it was awesome, and it wins San Diego Comic-Con 2015.