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Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Just Got Every Western Director's Dream Film Score

QT dropped some bombs about 'The Hateful Eight' and 'Kill Bill' at San Diego Comic-Con.

It wouldn't be a successful San Diego Comic-Con without a couple of exclusive details about your favorite films. Quentin Tarantino, writer and director of the upcoming film "The Hateful Eight," was eager to drop a few tidbits about his new project.

In mindblowing news, Ennio Morricone will be creating an original score for "The Hateful Eight." Name not ringing a bell? Morricone was the sound behind many classic Italian westerns including "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" and "Once Upon a Time In The West." It seems only fitting then that Morricone would lend his skills to Quentin's new film, a tribute to the genre.

The film stars Kurt Russell as John "The Hangman" Ruth, a bounty hunter, as well as Jennifer Jason Leigh as his fugitive prisoner, and Samuel L. Jackson as a fellow bounty hunter. Like previous efforts including "Jackie Brown" and the "Kill Bill" films, we find Tarantino rehashing old genres with an inventive twist and contemporary flourishes in "The Hateful Eight."

And speaking of "Kill Bill," Quentin also hinted that we might not have seen the last of The Bride. "Never say never to ‘Kill Bill 3,'" he said during a panel promoting "The Hateful Eight." "Uma [Thurman] would really like to do it. We talk about it every once in a while. Vernita’s daughter just needs to get a little older.”

We last saw Nikki, the daughter of Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1." Nikki witnessed her mother's murder by the hand of The Bride. In the film, The Bride tells Nikki that if she ever wants to avenge her mother's death, she'll be waiting for her.

It seems like Quentin prepared us for this possibility for years and now, we only have a handful of years for the next installment to be a reality. We'll be waiting patiently, Quentin!