The 'Deadpool' Trailer Just Premiered And We're Dying With Laughter

R.I.P. us.

The Merc with the Mouth smashed into San Diego Comic-Con Saturday (July 11), giving thousands of thirsty fans in Hall H a better look at foul-mouthed superhero movie "Deadpool." Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller, T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Ed Skrein and Gina Carano represented for the newest addition to the comic book movie ouvre.

In a special video intro to the panel, which consisted of Deadpool lounging in an armchair, intoning that a movie from "the studio that inexplicably sewed his f--king mouth shut the first time" would teach us all to "take these broken wings and learn to f--king fly again."

The lights came up and Reynolds entered to a standing ovation.

"One year ago almost today, some asshole leaked that footage, and that's why we're here today, Reynolds said, thanking fans for pressuring the studio and "twisting their friggin' arms."

He was joined by the rest of the cast for a high-energy panel. If the level of comedy in the chat was anything to go by, this movie is going to be funny AF.

"I think this character inhabits a space in the comic universe that no character can or will ever inhabit," Reynolds said. "I think it’s an absolute miracle that a studio let us make Deadpool, let alone a rated-R Deadpool."

He seemed sure that the movie would find an audience, though: "No matter what the rating, babies will love this."

The script promises to be filthy and energetic, with Baccarin boasting that "You don’t get to read many superhero movies that have a badass romantic lead. She gives him lip right back, not always the talking part. She’s the perfect match to his crassness."

Asked whether they ever wondered if they'd gone too far in the film's humor, Baccarin mused, "only every day."

Of some of the jokes T.J. Miller had added, Tim Miller said he thought, "This is funny as shit, but it’s mean. It’s just mean."

And, to the audience's surprise, that funniness and meanness was put on live display as the cast showed off the very first full trailer for the film...twice.

We meet Wade Wilson, who has just been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, lungs, prostate and brains, or, as he quipped, "nothing I can't live without." After a shady organization promises that it can not only save him, but turn him into a superhero, Wade accepts. But not without throwing some serious shade at Reynolds' previous, poorly received superhero movie, "Green Lantern."

"You just promise you’ll do right by me so I can do right by someone else," he says. "And please don’t make the super suit green. Or animated!"

What follows is a display of violence and hilarity like nothing seen in a superhero movie before. Saying that “Daddy needs to express some rage," Wade as Deadpool flips a car, shoots a single bullet through three separate heads and inhales the scent of his smoking gun. "I'm touching myself tonight," he says, in the character's trademark fourth-wall-breaking.

We see three different modes of Reynolds: the face we're used to, his totally suit-covered Deadpool face and his demolished post-chemo face.

As T.J. Miller quips in the trailer, "You are haunting. You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado."

It's everything fans had been hoping for and more, if the standing ovation and chant of "one more time" is anything to go off of.

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"Deadpool" is due in theaters February 12, 2016.