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Here's How Aaron Carter Shows His Super Crazy Dedication To His Fans

Maybe NOW I'll get that invite to Aaron's party.

Ever wanted to talk to Aaron Carter? If you're anything like me, you owned all his CDs, and really, really wanted to go to that party of his. You know, the one where kids broke his parents' French lamp. Well, if you follow him on Twitter, now's your chance!

This may be the Aaron you remember 😊

But this is who he is today 🙌

Not once, but several times last week, Carter tweeted out his phone number, encouraging fans to call him up and chat about whatever. Here's the most recent one.

Three things about this come to mind:

1. This is amazing.

2. He's going to get a TON of calls.

3. Is this even real?

Turns out, it IS real. How do I know? Because he FaceTimed with a bunch of fans — and uploaded the screenshots to Twitter.

Honestly, you don't hear about celebrities doing this kind of thing, which makes it extra special he's taking chances to speak with his fans. And, they are freaking the hell out about it.

No one can say he doesn't care about his fans. All true artists know it's their fans who keep them relevant and able to continue doing what they love. Props to you, man! I expect to receive my party invite in the mail soon.