David M. Benett/Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch And Sophie Hunter At Wimbledon Are The Most English

The married pair were spotted at the storied English tennis tournament this weekend.

At this point, Wimbledon -- the world's oldest tennis championship tournament -- is nearly as much about the glitzy celebrity hangouts that unfold during its two-week run than the actual competition on the court. Like, it's hard to not be pumped about Drake posing for photos with Billie Jean King and John McEnroe with a sweater draped around his shoulders like an uber-prep.

It's also hard to not get excited when Benedict Cumberbatch and new wife Sophie Hunter roll up to Wimbledon looking the most English and getting super into the competition at hand, which is exactly what happened on Friday (July 10).

Just look at our man's stoic gaze affixed to the clay courts below. His almost-fedora and dark shades allow him to tune out the rest of the crowd and focus on the tense volleys, each racket pop louder than the last. Sometimes, he shouts things:

And other times, he's wracked with determination:

Worse yet, he's often taken by warm London summer exasperation:

When Benny and Sophie mess with tennis, they're in it to win it. Or, you know, to cheer for the folks who they want to win it. They're invested:

And when things go awry, all they can do is grin and bear it -- just like the rest of us:

It's tough being new parents, with the sleepless night and the constant worrying and the ducking out early. We get it. And it's cool.

Fair thee well, Cumber-family. See you next Wimbledon, maybe in something a bit more... #dapper?

(Note: This is not Benedict Cumberbatch's official Twitter account, and in fact, he does not have one -- something this in-depth "Sherlock" fan site explicitly points out in its FAQ page. But come on, it would be pretty great if he joined up, wouldn't it?)