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The 'Teen Wolf' Cast Reveals Who Likes To Get Naked At Their Parties

The answer will probably not surprise you.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

We always imagined that the cast of "Teen Wolf" knows how to party -- but never like THIS.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, and season 5 newcomer Cody Christian revealed to MTV News that the show's core cast of characters really goes all out and lets loose when they get the chance.

One thing we learned: Dylan O'Brien, as we all suspected, likes to get down and dance -- especially when it comes to his trademark shoulder roll.

"He's a wiggle worm," Posey said, also revealing that his go-to dance move is the crotch grab.

Speaking of which, the guys all agreed that out of the whole cast, Posey is far and away the most likely to get naked during a "Teen Wolf" party -- Ryan Kelley might give our favorite Alpha wolf a run for his money, given how often he likes to get naked on set!