Here's Who The 'Fantastic Four' Director Teamed Up With To Help Soundtrack The Film

Hint: a fist and a gun may have been involved.

The trailer for the new "Fantastic Four" movie is loaded with low, rumbling tones and mechanical clamor. So it seems pretty fitting that the man to tackle an official musical contribution to the film would be none other than El-P, one-half of the stomping, industrial hip-hop duo Run The Jewels.

As "Fantastic Four" director Josh Trank revealed on Twitter last night, an El-penned track will play over the end credits of the film.

El confirmed it with a few tweets of his own shortly after.

Little Shalimar and El-P have worked together in the past, notably on "36" Chain" from the first Run The Jewels album back in 2013.

Superhero movies tend to get swallowed up by their own earth-crunching, bass-heavy soundtracks, so El-P's ear for dynamic clashes of sound might prove to be a welcome divergence from the formula. Of course, we're still waiting on "Meow The Jewels" -- perhaps the first foray into the world of "cat-rap" since, well, Rap Cat -- to drop.

But in the meantime, we'll take any new El-P contributions we can get.