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Surprise: Bella Thorne Isn't Done 'Scream'-ing Yet

At Comic-Con, the actress dropped quite a bombshell about her MTV character.

The last time we saw Nina Patterson, "Scream"'s not-so-nice girl was floating lifeless in her swimming pool. Now, despite the fatal slashing that left all of Lakewood in shock, the actress who plays her has some surprising news.

"Nina will be back," Bella Thorne revealed during the MTV series' San Diego Comic-Con panel, before explaining that the high school student is going to appear in flashback sequences. "More mean, and less dead!"

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Thorne -- who was joined by show stars Willa Fitzgerald, Connor Weil, Amadeus Serafini and John Karna, plus executive producers Jamie Paglia and Jill Blotevogel -- didn't reveal one big secret: the killer's identity. And there's good reason -- although Fitzgerald (aka Emma) thinks she might have an idea, the actors are officially in the dark about who's behind the murderer's mask.

And that sinister secret is making Karna wary of his cohorts.

"I don't trust anyone on this cast,” he quipped. Fair point.

Check out the extended trailer below, and be sure to keep watching "Scream" every Tuesday at 10/9c!