Getty Images | Gilbert Carrasquillo

Let MAX Take You Behind The Scenes Of The Boys Of Zummer Tour

Jam packed with "giant blow up joints" and more.

HARTFORD, Connecticut — Landing a spot on the Boys of Zummer tour has been nothing but "a dream come true" for MTV Artist to Watch MAX. Not only is the "Gibberish" singer getting to watch some of his favorite acts perform night after night, but he's sharing the stage with them, too.

"I love it because it's so diverse, between Wiz [Khalifa], Fall Out Boy and Hoodie [Allen], every act is so different and unique," MAX told MTV News. "This is something I thought would never happen, I'm so grateful."

Being the largest tour MAX has embarked on, he's soaking in as much as he can from his time on the road. During a backstage tour, the 23-year-old confessed to studying the venues -- from the front row to the nose bleeds -- just so he knows how everyone watching his set will experience it.

"It's always cool to see what it looks like from up here," MAX said from one of the highest sections at the XFINITY Theater -- where he performed later that night. "It's such a cool feeling to know that different parts of the arena, the amphitheater have different vibes and you've got to appeal to everybody's needs and try to give them the energy that they deserve."

While FOB's bassist Pete Wentz has served as his older brother figure -- "he's been like a mentor to me" -- it's some of Mister Cap's props that have taught him a thing or two about showmanship.


"I was hanging at Wiz's set and I didn't realize there were all of the giant blow up joints that he throws in the audience -- which is awesome just to watch people hitting those -- it's so cool, man, this is unlike any tour I've ever been on," he said. "And it's an experience that nobody has ever had before -- in the audience or in the show -- so it's amazing to be a part of."


MAX continued: "I think it's appropriate for the crowd, especially Wiz's fans and stuff, I think it's brilliant, I've never seen that before."

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