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Watch Sandra Bullock Speak Minion IRL And Fall In Love

We promise it's endearing.

With reporting by Michael Pell

Did you know Sandra Bullock, Oscar winner and People's Sexiest Woman Alive, can speak Minion?

In "Minions," Bullock voices the evil Scarlet Overkill, an ambitious supervillain with big plans for Kevin, Stuart and Bob. Naturally, as their new evil boss, Bullock picked a few of their (endearing?) speech patterns and manerisms during the recording process. Of course, there's a time and a place for speaking Minion.

"It's a really useful tool at home," Bullock told MTV News during a recent press day for the family-friendly film. "When you're offering your child a fruit, it makes that one fruit that much more enticing."

Check out Bullock's amazing Minion impression in the video below:

"This is my first villainous role," Bullock added. "It's not the first time I've behaved in a villainous way, but yes, it's the first time it's been caught on camera." Ooh, do tell us more.

"Minions" is currently in theaters.