Here's The Dankest Swag You Can Pick Up At This Year's Comic-Con

Weed don't even know.

Some attendees of San Diego Comic-Con will be getting a special herbal delivery today in support of the upcoming "American Ultra."

Earlier this week, some people received an extra-special care package inviting them to join the top-secret "American Ultra" program. By visiting a URL and enabling location services to confirm they're in the San Diego area, as well as providing other credentials, applicants submit themselves to join the program.

And by "join the program" we mean "get the chance to get some free weed."

Now, don't get too riled up too quickly: those credentials we mentioned include a valid ID and medical marijuana card, and even then, you're not confirmed to receive the ultra-dank swag. (For what it's worth, the marijuana in question is supposed to be a special edition American Ultra strain.) Those who are chosen will get a bike messenger delivery from medical marijuana supplier Good Care Inc. No, sorry -- the stars of the movie won't be hand-delivering the care packages.

This is all in support of "American Ultra," which stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as a couple of stoners. Eisenberg's character figures out that he's a sleeper agent left over from a top-secret government program that now wants to eliminate him.

"American Ultra" blazes into theaters August 21.