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7 Reasons Why Sleep Is Your One True Pairing

A good night's sleep is the only OTP you'll ever need.

When you don’t do it enough, you become grumpy and irrational. You think about it throughout the day, and it’s one of the few things in your life that's both healthy and delightful: sleep.

You love sleep; sleep loves you. Here's why it always has been and always will be your best friend, your bae, your soulmate, your one true pairing:

  • No matter how much time you spend with sleep, you never get sick of it

    You could spend all weekend with sleep and still be sad when you guys have to part ways on Monday morning.

  • You’re always in a good mood when sleep is around

    From the delicious cloud that is your mattress topper to that sweet dream in which you and your crush got together, no one makes you smile like sleep does.

  • Sleep has been by your side through the wild times

    Sleep was there on that train ride through Europe after that crazy all-nighter in Madrid. It was with you on that smelly couch in that frat house. AND it’s also always down for a chill night in.

  • Sleep knows all the weirdest things about you and still loves you anyway

    You drool like a human waterfall. You still have your blankie from preschool. You occasionally bring strangers to bed. Sleep doesn’t judge and is actually stoked to see you each night (and late afternoon and pretty much all of Sunday morning).

  • Sleep has saved your ass more times than you can count

    The only thing that fixed that brutal hangover that left you feeling like your stomach was inside out was good old vitamin ZZZ.

  • You’ve known sleep your entire life

    After you were born, you met your parents and doctor and then got nice and acquainted with your true lifelong bestie.

  • Just reading this made you realize you really want to hang out with sleep

    Go ahead. It’s 2 p.m. somewhere.