Here's What 'Warcraft' Character You'll Be Cosplaying Next Year

A knight's tale.

One of the best parts or San Diego Comic-Con is, of course, seeing devoted fans go all-out painstakingly recreating the costumes from their favorite games, movies and shows. The cosplay only gets bigger and better every year, and next year, we're sure to see some baller "Warcraft" costumes.

The movie "Warcraft," based on the popular game "World of Warcraft," hits theaters June 10, 2016. Fans will see orcs, knights and more in living color, and the masterminds behind the film hope they'll have a yen to build them for themselves.

Richard Taylor, creative director of Weta Workshop -- the New Zealand team made famous for their prosthetics work on the "Lord of the Rings" series -- chatted with MTV News about the pieces he was most excited to see fans recreate on the convention floor next year, after the movie is released.

"I hope that they'll want to be wearing the suits of King Llane and the soldiers," he said. But there will be a challenge to building the costumes, the same challenge that Weta faced when building the armor and weapons for the movie: those suckers are big.

"It's very challenging taking a gaming model such as that of World of Warcraft with these really huge suits of armor proportionate to an actor," Taylor said. "It's fine as a digital model, but then creating it onto a physical actor proves to be very hard. I'm hoping that cosplay people will enjoy wearing the armor because it works really well for the human body. They'll be able to perform really well in it, and it looks pretty cool too."

Though the non-human characters in the film were delivered via CGI from fellow film wizards ILM, Weta made the big uggo Orc that graces the center of Legendary's booth at Comic-Con.

Check out Orgrim:

MTV News/Kase Wickman

"We love making these sorts of booth displays," Taylor said.