Marvel At The Most Insane Nail Art From Comic-Con

Marvel...get it???

We know cosplayers tend to grab all of the attention at San Diego Comic-Con -- and to be fair, they do spend copious amounts of time, money and energy to look extra fly at the Con -- but this year, it's all about the nail art.

From Stormtroopers to superheroes, the nail art at Comic-Con this year is on point (no pun intended). The nails are looking so good that we decided to try a few looks out ourselves in anticipation of the nerdiest weekend of the year.

Here are some of our faves so far:

  1. DC nails that are serving it harder than Batfleck.

    Don't be sad, Bruce.

  2. Bitch Planet nails so perfect you'll want to clap back.

    Non-compliant af and loving it.

  3. Marvel nails so stunning even Natasha Romanoff is jealous.

    If she could Hulk out right now, she would. True story.

  4. WOW these nails are so fresh.

    Looking good, girl.


    Senpai notices you, sweet child. So *~kawaii~*

  6. Comic book nails on fleek.

    Hey, she said it herself!

  7. "Scream" nails that will actually make you scream... delight, of course.

  8. Nails ripped from the pages of comic books.

    The art just pops!

  9. Nails that make S.H.I.E.L.D. proud.

    This "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." fan nailed it. (Sorry.)

We were so inspired by the looks we saw at Comic-Con that we got nail artist Sae Carter to design a some for us.

Here's a look that could work for Comic-Con and Shark Week. So versatile!


These "Teen Wolf"-inspired nails are as fierce as our loyal Wolf Pack.


Finally! Nails we can truly sink our teeth into.


Wanna get to the front of the Hall H line? Show them these nails and watch them run away screaming.