Watch 50 Guys (Ages 5 To 50) Explain What It Means To 'Be A Man'

Is this phrase still relevant? Men aren't so sure.

What does it mean to "be a man"? To be strong? To provide for your family? Anything at all?

In a new video from Cut, men between the ages of five and 50 tackle this question through a series of word associations. It's a fairly mixed bag, even as the participants are shown from youngest to oldest. The younger respondents' answers range from "courage" to "strong" to "insult," while the older participants associate being a man with "remember your duty," "toughen up," and "bullsh-t."

While many men have similar interpretations -- variations on the word "strong" were common -- several of them took issue with the concept itself, with one stating, "Misleading. I've learned that being a man doesn't mean to shut out your feelings. It's to embrace them." Others call out the phrase for being sexist, particularly in its implications that being a woman is an insult.

Given the wide variety of answers shown in the video, perhaps one guy sums it up best: "There's no real definition of what that is, to be a man. But there's an assumption when someone says it like that that there is a very clear definition of what men should be."

The video ends on a high note, with the oldest respondent simply imploring, "Be kind to one another." Sounds pretty manly to us.