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Here's How You Can Become Friends With 'Hitman' Star Rupert Friend

Step 1: Find a coconut.

With Reporting by Alex Zalben

You might think that trotting across the globe carrying out high-profile assassinations on behalf of a top-secret organization requires something of a lonely existence. Then again, you weren't part of "Hitman: Agent 47," the upcoming video game adaptation starring Rupert Friend and Hannah Ware.

Friend, known to many for playing heroic but wound-up counter-terrorist agent Peter Quinn on "Homeland," shaved off his signature locks and put away his "Homeland" hero's ethics in order to play Agent 47, the bald-as-a-baby stone-cold killer whose fashion sense is almost as deadly as his abilities to kill. In the new take on "Hitman," Friend runs around with Ware as Katia van Dees, pulling off a whole host of dangerous stunts together along the way. It's enough to turn anyone into close friends very fast.

"There's only so many people in the world I've been strapped to and then thrown off a building with," he told MTV at San Diego Comic-Con. "Actually, there's only you," he laughed, looking at Ware.

But Ware and Friend weren't always friends on set, especially where cold Singaporean coconut drinks are concerned.

"Hannah would turn up [on set] with ice cold coconuts and a fan," he remembered, "and I'm standing there going, 'Where's my coconut?' [The crew would say], 'Well, Hannah asked for one.' I just thought, 'Well, what do I have to do?' All in all, they pretty much ignored me. 'You just fight, sweat, and do all the work. Hannah, you just sit quietly and have a coconut.'"

So, if YOU'RE looking to make friends with Rupert Friend? Looks like you have your answer. Just find the man at Comic-Con, present him with a cold coconut drink, and let the magic happen.