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Would Jennifer Lawrence Rather Have Reality TV... Or Josh Hutcherson?

We asked the "Hunger Games" stars one of the hardest questions.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We all know Jennifer Lawrence has many loves in this life: Doritos, entertainment, her adorable dog Pippa, her "Hunger Games" co-stars...the list goes on.

But what would happen if Lawrence had to choose between two of her greatest loves: trashy reality TV and "Hunger Games" love interest Josh Hutcherson (the one and only Peeta Pocket)?

"I really do love him," she told MTV News at a Lionsgate press event at San Diego Comic-Con. "He's perfect."

Given the choice between her two great passions, however, Lawrence came up with a loophole: "I guess I would choose Josh," she said. "Here's the thing. 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' is not trashy. It's not trashy. I'm a little angry. So I could still have 'Real Housewives' and Josh."

And rest assured: though the "Hunger Games" is coming to an end, it's not the end of Joshifer or the mighty trio of Lawrence, Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

"The three of us have a sick, sick, sick, sick relationship," she said of her co-stars. "None of us will be able to have functioning, healthy relationships. Josh's girlfriend is the only person -- thank God -- who could ever understand our love for each other."