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11 Things We Need From One Direction's American Tour Opener

We have some suggestions.

One Direction are in San Diego, and they're ready to open up the American leg of their On The Road Again Tour. And while they've been touring since February (never forget when Zayn left the band mid-tour and Harry had to try his high notes), we have some specific requests for the U.S. tour opener.

  1. We need this rumor to be true.

    Zayn is in Los Angeles? Coincidence?

  2. We need the stage to be awesome.

    This is what tonight's setup looks like.

  3. We need 'The Golden State Project' to work.

    How cool would it be if all the Cali shows were lit up yellow?

  4. We need them to play 'Change Your Ticket.'

    Because they haven't been adding it to the set list.

  5. We also need 'Fireproof.'

    Or else.

  6. We need Harry to wear a patterned shirt.

    Your Aunt Betty needs a twin.

  7. We need Niall to say 'San Diaago' like this multiple times.

    San Diaaaago.

  8. We need to keep our chill during the fireworks.

    These fans snuck around the venue for soundcheck and got this video.

  9. We need Niall to also show his chest hair.

    According to this car, at least.

  10. We need Larry to see this sign.

    We would love to see Harry and Louis' reaction to "the rose is already taken care of."

  11. We need someone to give these Directioners a ride.


What would you like to see at the tour opener tonight?