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Chris Colfer Dishes On Creativity, Empathy, And ‘Real Housewives’ In His Tumblr Q&A

The ‘Glee’ star answers fan questions about his new book.

“Glee” alum Chris Colfer has just released the fourth installment in his fantasy novel series “The Land of Stories”. For anyone unfamiliar with the premise, it’s about twin siblings who enter the fairy tale world and interact with creatures and characters we all know and love. Think of it as “Once Upon A Time” in novel form.

Colfer’s most recent book is called “Beyond the Kingdoms”, and as he said on the "Today" show this morning, “it’s about how the kids enter worlds of literature, so they brush elbows with everyone from Peter Pan to the Queen of Hearts.”

The Golden Globe-winner also did a Tumblr Q&A today. Read highlights below.

  • The author delves into new territory
  • Chris Colfer: author, singer, movie star, and voice actor

    Chris does the audio versions of his books as well (you can hear a sample of one here), which includes voicing every single character he's written.

  • Actually... make that author, singer, movie star, voice actor, AND keeper of secrets
  • So ... probably the "Cinderella" soundtrack, I imagine
  • I'm sure L. Frank Baum appreciates the shout-out...
  • well as all these other folks
  • And now, for a very serious question...
  • Steal from the rich...
  • Chris Colfer takes a trip to Oz

    (Sidenote: if you read about how the Tin Woodsman became the Tin Woodsman, you will be horrified. You have been warned.)

  • Empathy and creativity go hand in hand

    and finally...

  • Chris Colfer, advocate for all of us weirdos

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